Sunday, July 7, 2013

For all you Furry Gamers. ( game is rated 18+)

Morenatsu: A Gamers Perspective

Morenatsu, The name is something of a vague assumption to most within the fandom. Few people actually know what the name means. Is it a game? Is it a manga? What exactly is Morenatsu. I'll be honest, it could be classified as both, it just depends on how you choose to define it. The official definition of Morenatsu is a 'visual novel'. It follows the same pattern as any other Japanese 'dating sim' style game. You are a main character tasked with the option to choose one of many different potential interests. Of the numerous characters in this game, and there are actually 8 potential routes to choose and 9 possible partners to be made. The mains character has the ability to be a custom name, allowing the player to get a more ' personal' experience. But for sake of argument we will use the stock name that the game gives us, Hiroyuki.

The potential routes to be played are as follows: Kouya Aotsuki, Shin Kuroi, Torahiko Ooshima, Shun Kodori, Juuichi Mikazuki, Tatsuki Midoriya, Soutarou Touno, and Kyouji Takahara.

The Route we will be discussing will be that of the character Kouya Aotsuki. This character is often mistaken as a wolf, mostly due to his fur pattern. Kouya is actually a husky. Kouya is the most sexually experianced of any of the available characters and the only one to be considered 100% dominant. This is possibly due to his Bisexual nature. Kouya and shun ( Shun-Kun) seem to have a very interesting realtionship, Almost brotherly with an implied romantic relationship having happened.

(as of today, this game is still being patched and updated so there is always new things being released. Please look up MTL Project on google and look for zetaboards. Or

The basis of the story in this game is that the main character has returned to his home town of waterfront village for a one month summer vacation during the month of august. Upon arriving in the town by bus you are greeted first by Torahiko, who informs you of a welcome party being thrown for your return by all of your friends. It is here that you end up meeting the majority of the cast one by one and learn of their exploits during your five year absence from the village. As this is a visual novel dating sim, you are tasked with a number of choices during the course of any route you choose. The first major choice that you get to make is who you should sit by at the dinner table. This ultimately chooses which route you start to play depending on who you sit next to at the beginning, some stories wont be available until you beat others and so on. ( update: beating a story simply unlocks artwork and bios and post story snippits. Routes are still being translated and patched. As of 2 months ago shin/juuichi have been finished as well and fully translated)
The amount of detail and development that went into the overall story writing of this game is very deep. As many of you I am sure have figured out, and if not you shall know now, this game is originally a japan only title. There has now officially been an English patch that offers a complete translation and patch over for the entire game. Which allows us here in the west to fully enjoy one of the better furry based visual novel dating games out there. There are others but none that can match the quality and level of detail that was put into this title. All of the art was originally done by a furry artist by the name of Gammy-G. Then it was picked up by a Japanese development team and offered as a freeware game. Though despite this level of 'popularity' there is surprisingly few people who actually know what this game is. Though most people can recognize a good number of the characters and tell you where they are from. That being said very few actually know that Morenatsu is a visual novel style game.

This game overall, has many similarities between the stories. Though i'll admit I have only played two of the possible eight story lines. The character of kouya, a husky, was very well written and detailed. In my personal opinion, the story writing between kouya and shun, the other character story I played, is markedly different. Kouya is very deep and detailed and emotional. The interactions between hiroyuki and kouya is very intriguing and allows the player to be drawn into the scenario as a whole.

Shun, on the otherhand, is a year younger than our main character. The only problem I had with this storyline compared to kouya is that, although shun is a year younger, he is drawn as a child and his personality makes you think he is even younger than that. Thus the player must make many moral choices involving the relationship and interaction between shun and hiroyuki.

The constant conflict with the main character is a problem I feel should have been better developed. I like the premise of the story but I feel that they just tossed the story line for shun together as a last ditch effort to have something to show for the game. It doesn't feel like it was THAT well developed. But overall, it is well written and satisfying to say the least.

Overall, I would have to give this game a recommendation to anyone interested in playing it or into the visual novel type game. Though as stated, this game is an adult rated title and one must be of legal age to play this. The art style is very well done, and the writing in the storylines is well thought-out over all.

I would have to say I am certainly a fan. But you can make your own decisions if you choose to download and check this game out. A word of warning though. This game is difficult to track down at first. Happy hunting to all of you fuzzy ones. Cheers!~

All opinions expressed herein are that solely of the author and do not reflect the opinions of furmedia as a whole. This was made for informative and informational purposes only and in no way should be used without express consent from furmedia and the author. Please feel free to make your own determinations about this game by going to MTL Project through Google or looking up for the latest patches and news about morenatsu. Be patient as this is an ever evolving work in progress and until they patch everything and update all the sprites and music there is no way to get the full game without doing a bit of legwork.