Monday, May 20, 2013


Its so over used to say welcome to our blog, so I will simply say #MagicWaffles *kindly bows to you in a royal manner*.

Straight From The Muzzle is a new addition to FurMedia and aside from the regular "LIVE" shows you see each week, you now have access to other awesome features as well. Here you can enjoy reading articles about furries from around the world, check out weekly show reviews, tantalize your mind with personal blogs from the FurMedia team, and we've saved the best for last......."1 on 1" personal interviews with known furries in the fandom.

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE? YES!!!! If you follow us on Facebook, FA, and watch our shows, then you'll know that we feature a variety of artists which you will see here as well. So if you're an artist and you'd like to be featured HERE and on our show, then fill out the "contact us" box on the right hand side. ----Check This Out---->>> Why would you want us to feature your artwork? Because we'll do it for FREE. The fandom has done so much for us (furries) that we want to give back to the community and through FurMedia, we can do that.

So without further a do *smacks a bottle of champagne against the blog* I welcome you to our blog. Thanks fur reading and #SimbasMagicPanties

-SpaceBear Sparx
Head Admin of FurMedia